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 Mining/ Smithing

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PostSubject: Mining/ Smithing   Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:29 am

I just came back to runescape after a while and decided to just start completely fresh. THIS IS ON F2P (for the challenge), people don't seem to understand that on all of my other threads even though it clearly says so in the OP.

Here is what my plan is in order, I will explain the speed bump after:

1) Train WC to 50 for a bit of starting up money (completed)
2) Train Mining to 40 for the ability to mine gold
3) With ores collected from mining and with start-up money train smithing to 40 for the ability to smelt gold ore into gold bars
4) Turn gold bars into gold amulets for a decent profit per ore mined, and experience in Mining, Smithing and Crafting.
5) Repeat

Here's the the problem. I've trained mining to 15 (through copper and tin) but now I've come to realize that there are no adiquate places to mine iron to change. It has gotten a lot more crowded since 6 months ago when I managed to train mining in f2p to 77 somehow off of iron. So can anybody give me the second best way of training, or a decent alternative to iron for mining?

EDIT: Another question: How hard is it to find a free world for the crafting guild in terms of mining for gold? Also, will there be a continual source of gold there if I DO get a free world? Meaning that once I mine the 6 rocks, the first rock that I mined will already have regenerated.

Also, general thoughts on my plan to train all three skills?
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Mining/ Smithing
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