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 Weapons/ Armor

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PostSubject: Weapons/ Armor   Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:31 am

After seeing the 2 mods / maps of "Chibi"
Excessive Exp Encounter / Mad Mana Map
I wonder, you can create a map / mod that gives the best weapons / armor / pets in the game?
Not a lot of mapping, but the options that come to mind are:
That best-existent weapons out of chests
-Add the monsters that give the best weapons in a closed circle, where they can not attack or get anywhere ...
I no longer think of anything ... If not possible what the chests ... And the monsters? could be put into the closed circle, bosses?
These are all theories mine, I encourage mappers to try (especially to "Chibi" to "Kampfschaf" and "Craddus")

If I remember, while stronger, better rewards. but of course ... if too strong, a map showing the strongest can not defend themselves. just take a punch, make a lot of time on weapons collection.

An alternative to making this.....'complicated' idea , would be to simply create a level with no mobs or anything , a plain crystal to go back , and areas with 'event's.

In the test map , there's a line of all the possible weapons , and some areas that upon entering , grant you an event item , like a boss reward / challenge reward.
I have looked at it a bit , there are 'collision' boxes in the air that upon colliding-with , start an event on the kimset , which gives an equipment of X archetype <---- weapon type , and that item is of X quality <--- set to the top (I think at one point Jeremy said the top is 2?) and it will grant you the best possible equipment of that equipment type.
Though I am unsure of the maximum quality , if you run the test map through an editor , you can call a randomize item stat command with the quality parameter , just play around with it for a bit (youtube how to use it , its actually found at youtube!) and hopefully you can figure out the maximum quality value without trying too hard XP...
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Weapons/ Armor
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